Cash Back

Dear Player,

Welcome to SHOWDOWN CASINO'S Cash Back Club. As a Real Player [US$] you automatically become a valued member and stand in line for extra credit!

With every bet you place, you earn valuable Cash Back Club points which are redeemed for REAL CASH

Here's how it works....

Membership is open to Real Account Players only. A Real Account Player is an individual who is playing for Real money [US$].
For every $10 wagered, on any game(s) of your choice, you earn 1 (one) point.
On the sixth of every month your points are collated from the month before, should you have accumulated 1,000 points or an increment of 1,000, the points will be converted into REAL CREDITS and your gaming Account will be credited.
Casino Credits will be paid out in units of one thousand (1,000).
Amounts less than 1,000 points will be carried over to the next month.
As a Cash Back Club member you will receive monthly statements reflecting your Cash Back Club status.

Here is an example of a Cash Back Club statement:

Points carried over from November:
Points earned in December:
+ 2,117
Points redeemed this month: -
Balance carried over to January:

Points earned to date during January:
+ 722
Total points available at present:
Please be advised of the following:
Cash Back Club points will be paid out to active, Real Accounts only. This means you gotta play to get the cash!
Points in inactive Accounts will become redundant after three (3) months.
If you have any queries, please contact
Showdown Support

Wishing you Wild, Wild Winnings..